Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 24

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  • – Woman who sent to benefited from visa: authorities – https://t.co/Pjlaw9wv8a
  • – 1 under arrest on suspicion of apology of terrorism thanks to an investigation of Spanish police – https://t.co/ydhbOeRlyy
  • bomber Ahmed Khan tried to radicalize inmates, prosecutors say – https://t.co/0yoxLN8l8h
  • – Security forces kill 9 suspected militants in raid – https://t.co/wikn05ibLr
  • – Police currently at scene of security alert at Islandbawn Drive, following discovery of suspicious object. Falls Road is closed at Islandbawn Drive and diversions are in place. A number of homes have been evacuated. Avoid area if possible. (PSNI)
    ** All clear, false alert.
  • – Explosion kills 3 security personnel – https://t.co/voJKEnQya8
  • – Captured American fighter must have access to lawyer, US federal judge says, following ACLU lawsuit –
  • – Roadside Blast kills 7 civilians – https://t.co/WmvbKcYe4V
  • Have an extra thought for all those people protecting civilians day in day out and who are doing the same thing right now, as many people are celebrating. See 1 today and you really mean it: thank them for their service. Merry !

  • : 400 attacks were thwarted this year – https://t.co/6Z0840yu92
  • – Special forces sergeant becomes UK’s first female soldier to kill a terrorist after shooting dead 3 fighters – https://t.co/m6QeteVqbe
  • – Homeland Security says chain migration let terrorism-related suspects into U.S. – https://t.co/p43QKa7pAf


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