Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 25

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  • – Airports on high alert in wake of terror attack intel – https://t.co/TJcqzWyTeC
  • – Terrorists open fire on 3 shepherds – https://t.co/CSYwaGcbZU
  • – Iran incites its militias to go on rampage in Iraq, experts say – https://t.co/lvvqUFrfqi
  • – 12 armed men neutralized – https://t.co/WmHfSF4bBG
  • – 3 arrested for apology of terrorism – https://t.co/1ixkQohNeC
  • – Militants suffer casualties in Afghan Special Forces operations in Laghman – https://t.co/DWo2TbfTwi
  • – Man drove car filled gas canisters into HQ last night & said he wanted to commit suicide. But he also left a bag with gas canisters at the HQ. State security is investigating.


  • – Two militants killed in campaign at Hamreen mountains – https://t.co/t22wj1g8qU
  • In between Christmas shopping, decorating trees, wrapping gifts, “cleaning the house because guests are coming”, kitchen duties, visits to the hairdressers, choosing the right outfit,… we wish you all a Merry . Stay safe and take care of each other.

  • – 2 soldiers killed, 1 injured in a attack – https://t.co/EJWN8FW9UB
  • – Suicide attack near Afghan intelligence HQ – https://t.co/RnD0NTktfg

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