Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 27

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  • – Suspected French Islamist militants detained in Syria: source – https://t.co/0Gh14xRb8S
  • – 2 have been released, but are still suspects – https://t.co/HwETnXq0Eq
  • The next is coming to a news feed near you in 2018 – https://t.co/l5T5DKtqF1
  • – Unidentified person opens fire on children playing at school: 7 injured – https://t.co/wXK3WMs05o

  • – Explosion of “unidentified object” injures 4
    ** Criminal investigation opened. Note: Criminal investigation into an attempt to kill 2 or more people, in a “public area, in a dangerous way”. No terrorism investigation.
    ** 10 injured
    ** Toll goes to 13 injured. Putin just declared it a terrorist attack. – https://t.co/WHXohLtXiG
    **  – All victims will be paid 300,000 rubles each. Meanwhile, news agency said the head of state drew his conclusions based on reports of the bombing.
    ** The simple fact investigators do/did not regard yesterday’s blast as a terrorist attack from the beginning is not considered a mistake by the .

  • – 9 terrorists killed in Turkish air force raids in Northern Iraq – https://t.co/PlekZoxpCg
  • kills security official – https://t.co/J4PzJoTNKf
  • – Vietnam jails 15 for plot to blow up airport – https://t.co/liEtwyWlUX
  • has just stated is a terrorist, supporting state terrorism.
  • – Less than 1,000 fighters remain in Iraq and Syria, coalition says – https://t.co/Umtu1JsFs7
  • – Fake Passports and extraditions: how FTFs return to Europe – https://t.co/aj0xFNBYH0
  • Car bomb explosion. No word on casualties yet.
    ** 14 soldiers injured. (Tolo)
    ** Updated toll: 2 killed, 14 injured.
  • – Police detain 8 -linked suspects in anti-terror operations – https://t.co/erIKn2O3ym
  • -inspired terrorists are seeking help from Middle East financiers – https://t.co/D2Ls7FepfF
  • – 300 British fighters on the run in Turkey – https://t.co/5D7vrSUt3T
  • – German security services are warning for salafi paralel societies, mainly due to the fact that salafism is becoming more and more “female”. – https://t.co/bPqITrHDLn

  • – Approx 70 French speaking jihadis are being detained in Baghdad. 5 of them are French & 4 children will return to France, while the adults will be judged in Iraq. – https://t.co/EdNqbkQRuA
  • – Turkey brings in overalls for more than 58,000 terror suspects – https://t.co/En9wHnCrqV
  • – Military Advocate General asks court to sentence Halamish terrorist to 4 life terms – https://t.co/389AvBnhDg
  • – Six people, including militiaman, killed, injured in two blasts – https://t.co/9EyYr1rw6o

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