Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 28

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  • – Thai police arrest suspects in New Year’s bomb plot – https://t.co/OX0zeJFCwS
  • commander tweets captured several villages near . Gunshots in city of Kirkuk. (Sources)
  • – 2 charged over suspected Christmas terror plot – https://t.co/tSU9x9tUq5
  • – 2 islamists, determined to strike in France, detained last week – https://t.co/v3lK8woDXJ
  • releases picture of today’s suicide bomber, Abid al-Khorasani. 
  • – 30 alleged jihadis detained – https://t.co/c0WYAUTFzw
  • – Suicide bomber kills 6 – https://t.co/bliV7t9W5s
  • – 3 soldiers injured in an attack against their army unit. (AA)
    ** Army announces 3 terrorists were killed in the attack
    ** Army says 1 officer & 5 soldiers killed.
  • – Immigrant to Israel from convicted for trying to join – https://t.co/8DgXuA6iFm
  • – 7 soldiers killed in an attack. (AA)
  • – Terrorist arrested in Diyala – https://t.co/qTkAtIiSEH
  • – Loud explosion reported near police station. Large police deployment.
    ** No casualties reported for the time being
  • International train evacuated due to suspicious situation. Railway company says a threat letter was found. Sniffer dog on scene. – https://t.co/Ypsw8IgfCG
    ** Approximately 100 passengers evacuated: police.
    ** A security perimeter around the train station has now been put in place as a precaution: police.
    ** 85 passengers are now being helped by security services: police.
    ** Details of all passengers have been registered. Standard procedure when suspicious situations occur. Passengers have been given information on the procedure.
    ** All clear: police.
    ** Police will issue an official statement later on
    ** Police press release – https://t.co/wUGHL0pueF
  • – The 2 who are still detained see their detention prolonged by 2 weeks – https://t.co/DrIgmFU8Uk
  • – 3 soldiers killed in a land mine explosion – https://t.co/OQcqVcUf8U
  • – Russian President Putin says over 48,000 Russian soldiers took part in operations in Syria in the last 2 years – https://t.co/XTV4KQZbtX
  • – Israeli forces arrest suspect who arrived at military court with pipe bomb – https://t.co/Fzzf5VLsFj
  • All victims will be paid 300,000 rubles each. Meanwhile, news agency said the head of state drew his conclusions based on reports of the bombing.
    ** The simple fact investigators do/did not regard yesterday’s blast as a terrorist attack from the beginning is not considered a mistake by the .
  • 2 suspicious letters at the Thüringer Staatskanzlei. Large security perimeter. Police and fire department on scene. Letters are being investigated.
    ** No radioactive traces found on the letters. The letters, sent from the UK with no sender mentioned, are now being tested for explosives. (MDR Thüringen)
    ** Letters didn’t contain any explosives and were found to be normal letters.
  • – Anarchists claim a string of 3 coordinated incendiary attacks on December 14 – https://t.co/n3F42bfXJm
  • – Presidential statement (thread) – https://twitter.com/ARG_AFG/status/946301422047547392
  • – A detained Maoist has hanged himself inside a police station. He was 1 of the 12 Maoists arrested yesterday. (IndiaTV)
  • – At least 40 killed and dozens injured in suicide attack – https://t.co/BlBEZzQRSO
    ** 40 killed, 30 injured: MoI. denies involvement.
    ** Aftermath of the attack
    ** Death toll climbs to 41: health ministry.

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