Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 29

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  • – 1 man has died, due to his injuries sustained in last week’s vehicular attack – https://t.co/BYBRh6w8yE
  • has claimed this week’s bombing in a mall in Saint Petersburg.
  • – Attack on church claimed by .
  • – Two men in court accused of Christmas terror plot – https://t.co/l7595fxjPR
  • – Anarchists claim an attempted incendiary attack on a bus on December 18, as part of their campaign – https://t.co/VMdmnrEI5v
    ** The claim relates to this incident – https://t.co/MUcRmfsJzE
  • – Army tanks and aircraft target two posts in Strip in response to three rockets fired from enclave. (i24)
  • – Rockets fired from at Israel, two intercepted by Iron Dome – https://t.co/g3crplW0Rs
  • – Gunman attacks church near Cairo, shot dead: police. (AFP)
    ** Awaiting official confirmation of possible casualties.
    ** Images are being spread on social media, but please be aware they are not confirmed to be of the current attack site.
    ** 2 policemen killed: MoI
    ** Local media say 1 attacker has been captured alive. To be confirmed.
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 9 killed, 5 injured.
  • – Fighting in Idlib province in northwestern Syria kills 66: monitor (AFP)
  • – 29 detained over suspected -links – https://t.co/2QFmZ5kACD
  • – Gerry Adams ‘set up gang to be ambushed by leaving eight Provisionals shot dead’ files claim – https://t.co/zTWmbOoRML

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