Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 5

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  • – 3 members, including a suicide attacker, killed – https://t.co/WUfpP6WECF
  • – Belgian political party is against the return of FTFs to Belgium. (Statement by chairman of the Counterterrorism Committee and MP .) – https://twitter.com/nvakamer/status/949236500453056517
    ** Same goes for the liberal party , chairwoman says. – Same goes for the liberal party , chairwoman says.
  • – Wanas al-Faqih designated as a terrorist by US Department of State – https://t.co/dtUfX2yiNq
  • – Suspected neo-Nazi charged with terrorism: report – https://t.co/8oPosVa6aa
  • – A French journalist says intel services were aware of the murder plot on the priest in a week in advance – https://t.co/U3IiBrEfOE
  • – Another member of the French jihad detained – https://t.co/6ncS0um5eR
  • – Airstrikes on training camps, compounds leaves several dead – https://t.co/DF5b2ugAZQ
  • – Masood Azhar’s terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed () changes name to ‘Al Murabitun’ amid growing pressure on Pakistan: Reports – https://t.co/XNe1p27QXA

  • – Army launches massive search operation to locate and defuse bombs, IEDs along – https://t.co/4NYIeSJdYP

  • – Anarchists claim having damaged private cars of police officers in Bologna on New Year’s Eve – https://t.co/AKnkv8dHIj
  • – Belgian FTF Tarik Jadaoun, jailed in Iraq, confessed to wanting to carry out an attack in Belgium. In an earlier interview with the Belgian state broadcaster he stated he was innocent & wanted to be extradited to “help” Belgian intel. – https://t.co/S8un0rSv08

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