Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 6

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  • – 2 terrorists killed in shootout – https://t.co/oSX9u5d72E
  • – Media reports of an active shooter @ Naval Station Whidbey
    Island. So far: no evidence found, gates on to Ault Field closed until further notice.
    ** Shelter in place lifted. No evidence of shots fired.
  • Our TerrorMate app will be featured on in about 1 hour. Live stream here: https://t.co/SSUodHazaz
  • – 2 Dutch citizens who wanted to blow up Turkish president Erdogan had already been under surveillance of Dutch intelligence for 2 years –
  • – Scottish far-right extremists sent to same de-radicalisation units as potential Islamist terrorists – https://t.co/tcZgUvCyaE
  • – Swiss intel exchanged info on 2 Qatari nationals who are accused of supporting terrorism. – https://t.co/6x6fgR8FWf

  • – Claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammad () – https://t.co/w18d9txRJX
  • – US designates Somalia-based deputy leader Abukar Ali Adan as global terrorist – https://t.co/ErapmzaUOS
  • – 14 militants killed in air strike – https://t.co/rGdBcflDq2
  • – Traumatized women prefer Botox over therapeutic help –  – https://t.co/BgtApxwU7W
  • – Maoists gun down village Sarpanch in Bastar district, officials suspect he was police informer – https://t.co/xJXnknECJm
  • – IED explosion: 3 policemen killed, 1 injured. (India Today)
    ** Death toll rises to 4.
    ** Background: https://twitter.com/debashishTOI/status/949524015948836865

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