Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 7

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  • – Weapons seized today after the arrest of a terrorist last night – https://t.co/8zBMJwTKkM
  • fires mortars at Puntland army base – https://t.co/1G21MX9nr4
  • & form alliance vs -inspired groups – https://t.co/hG7tpMpZxR
  • – Landmine blast hits truckload of soldiers in Compostela Valley. suspected. – https://t.co/ptW5lz76lv
  • – Imam Sahib offensive suspended for unknown reasons – https://t.co/eiGmfeSYnr
  • – Austrian teen charged for plotting terror attacked with 12-year-old in Germany – https://t.co/i49hchGZkM
  • – Syrian army presses offensive in last rebel stronghold of Idlib – https://t.co/Ri6Nykor5w
  • – Explosion reported outside metro station. No mention of cause yet.
    ** Preliminary toll: 1 severely injured. Bomb squad on the way.
    ** 2 transported to hospital.
    ** Man severely injured after picking up an object from the ground. Object subsequently exploded: police.
    ** Police are investigating the explosion as common destruction and attempted murder.
    ** The man who was injured in the explosion has passed away: police.
  • – 16 and militants killed, wounded in Nangarhar operations – https://t.co/wn87NVmsg8
  • – 9 members & 1 soldier killed in bloody encounter: ABS.
  • – On January 7, 2015 came under attack. 3 days of attacks and intensive manhunts would follow. This is Charlie Hebdo’s last tweet, around the time of the attack.
  • fighters attack army truck – https://t.co/FAYx3rb9qR
  • – Significant decrease in number of terror attacks: IDF – https://t.co/anUyV88g4F

  • – Gunmen open fire, killing 13 civilians and wounding another 7 – https://t.co/elZzHd3e3n

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