Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 8

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  • hindering fight against in Syria, says coalition official – https://t.co/ylW1hFZSOm
  • – 6 members charged – https://t.co/zbh9KfseEW
  • – Over 6,000 insurgents killed in 10 months: Afghan army – https://t.co/2iUHyweCui
  • – 3 terrorists killed – https://t.co/2SezlXIAUQ
  • – Sudanese asylum seeker Munir Mohammed and pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan have been found guilty of plotting an inspired attack. (SkyNews)
  • – UK more concerned about terror than any other country, finds study – https://t.co/IZA0JqLUuF

  • executes members over refusal to carry out suicide attacks – https://t.co/HxbMF5kgJk
  • – Turkish police arrest -linked Iraqi national. He is believed to be a senior member of the group. – https://t.co/qWRK5vVmqg
  • – Jordan says it foiled plot that targeted security installations and commercial locations – https://t.co/2fbhvif21v
  • – Iraq Federal Police: 50% of west Mosul rehabilitation work finished – https://t.co/Ad93BdTw0i
  • – More than 100 children of fighters could return to Germany: report – https://t.co/DJJiG2FdCv

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