Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 10

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  • – Decision to be taken on whether and will appear before Court of Assize – https://t.co/UgiHXC4FLR
  • – Perpetrator of deadly Herat city bombing arrested by Afghan intelligence – https://t.co/RpjyUtUs5T
  • – Colombian president suspends peace talks with rebels in response to attacks on oil installations and armed forces – https://t.co/LQKOb2R9Il

  • – Secretary asks theologians to counter extremist propaganda and jihad – https://t.co/izriuy1h0g
  • – Akayed indicted on terrorism and explosives charges in connection with the detonation of a bomb in New York City – https://t.co/6zGEI09LjY
  • – Red Fort attack suspect nabbed – https://t.co/4Qxo2z77hE
  • – Bomb squad investigating suspicious car at 1 woman detained. – https://t.co/zTHOUyqHCN
  • – Iran arrests dozens for ‘terrorist’ acts linked to protests – https://t.co/TWisSWF1ub
  • – Intel chief says 3 or 4 attacks have been thwarted over the last 6 years – https://t.co/56j261mZZt
  • – Student who was arrested in December for preparing a terrorist attack was practicing taqiya to escape surveillance & wanted to acquire a Kalashikov to attack 2 sites in Rennes – https://t.co/iQlQ8wgc2U
  • – Gobee. bike stops its activities in Brussels, Lille and Reims due to vandalism. – https://t.co/rbpBZFlz6O
    ** Looks like it has something to do with anarchists: https://t.co/JOxFCOMejU
  • – Bomb threat at main train station. No train traffic.
    ** All clear.
  • captured top French jihadi Thomas
  • Interesting read – End of the lone wolf: the typology that should not have been – https://t.co/iJLC7Kf5q3
  • – Viable explosive device discovered near a pub last night – https://t.co/IY5NhNWdHA
  • – According to Radio Danan, a huge blast just occurred.
    ** Explosion happened in the district.
    ** The explosion targeted a vehicle carrying the district’s deputy commissioner. He survived. 2 soldiers were killed in the attack and a number of others were wounded.
  • – German court stops deportation of a convicted jihadi to Turkey, due to the possibility of him being tortured in Turkey. The German government needs to make sure there will be no infringements against ECHR first. – https://t.co/FmuZwyyzAb
  • – Neo-Nazi leader gets 5 years for explosive materials – https://t.co/tlEeP9DUvF
  • – 1 member arrested – https://t.co/6BgJsSZQtt
  • – Two teenage girl ‘bombers’ shot dead – https://t.co/MgfDXzNSsg
  • – Iraqi troops destroy four armored vehicles, seize three others – https://t.co/6mIVjXkZot

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