Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 11

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  • – Iraqi forces destroy arms cache in Baghdad – In view of its financial problems, is selling the coins that it minted at the time of the Islamic State. Payment for the coins is madevia Clearing system. – https://t.co/wm8H0R5wTi – Over fifty militants arrested in operations – https://t.co/G5lIoyG1F7

  • – Trial of three Osama Mansour terrorist group ends, one sentenced to death – https://t.co/quPM3YYoxd
  • – Suspected bomber surrenders at Libyan checkpoint: official – https://t.co/GCoRASUR6L
  • : Iraq estimates damage at $ 100 billion – https://t.co/3CtmKLCGOr
  • – The Trump effect? says terror attacks tripled in last month – https://t.co/gPnhNsL8S9
  • – Decision will be taken on January 25 – https://t.co/uEcub5Gx5K
  • – Government troops foil attack – https://t.co/6ugIHusY88
  • – Threats painted on walls – https://t.co/FCbWpVe797
  • – Islamist extremists are implicated in recent violence – https://t.co/ZiJxiqR8oR

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