Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 12

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  • – Man (26) admits to funding from County Waterford – https://t.co/UQaA8mU3AH
  • – Army thwarts attack – https://t.co/8UBVJGlYUF
  • – Red siren alert near border. Containment zone 237.
  • blackmailer strikes again – https://t.co/vWzqUOZEMk
  • supporter Marek has been jailed for 33 weeks at the Old Bailey after he drove at a curry house owner in , north London, on the anniversary of the Brexit vote. (PA)
  • – Right-wing extremists seen behind August bomb attack on anarchist squat – https://t.co/MGgBbP8wLe
  • – Terrorism charges against Ottawa professor dropped in France – https://t.co/Bj0Yr47rQZ
  • kills 3 villagers – https://t.co/OdwucKcKWH
  • – Woman arrested at Airport by officers from the Counter Terrorism Command – she remains in custody. – https://t.co/VFpCu4iGEy
  • – 3 churches, chapels attacked ahead of Pope’s visit – https://t.co/sd2qLyKOKp
  • – Bomb threats issued against Pope Francis ahead of Chile visit – https://t.co/RitB01ZmEq
  • – Security forces arrest minister of agriculture – https://t.co/FLVLWewjP5
  • – Man pleads guilty to deadly ‘Islamist’ knife attack in Hamburg supermarket – https://t.co/Xx5t3Kh65O


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