Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 13

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  • A new American leader rises in – https://t.co/VJUIFW3PLL
  • – Jihadist rebels launch another big counter-offensive in southern Idlib – https://t.co/2a2xQDGvsG
  • – 3 terrorists arrested – https://t.co/pXDG89ejvc
  • – Iraqi forces seize weapons, equipment of terrorists in Baghdad – https://t.co/5Us6yyan3J
  • affiliate claims October attack on US troops – https://t.co/8jorjU50Ux

  • – 5 police officers injured, 2 police vehicles burnt after attack by – https://t.co/6u3S8JA6wZ
  • – Minister of Justice denies problems – https://t.co/NFAvB8jx4d
  • – 1 civilian killed and 3 injured in explosion – https://t.co/iQ9fQguYsq
  • – Ethiopia court jails members of outlawed group – https://t.co/7TMW5D7jZc
  • – Teens to face terrorism charges after incident at high school – https://t.co/iuOWGkkkQy
  • – According to Belgian newspaper De Tijd, the cabinet of Minister of Justice has withheld important information on jailed terrorists and radicalization in prison from parliament – https://t.co/1WrXEajvyV

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