Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 15

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  • – Senior member arrested – https://t.co/cInSfEqudV
  • – 1,800 Pakistani religious scholars declare suicide bombings ‘haram’ in new fatwa – https://t.co/ppxGJ3FMPk
  • – Please note that the explosion @ is NO terrorism!!! Just to counter speculations.
  • – Venezuela says five ‘terrorists’ arrested after shootout with authorities – https://t.co/tCNmz0Ww1c
  • – Man who is detained on suspicion of terrorism threatens to cut judges’ throats, because he doesn’t have a – https://t.co/iTQBTfBDTa
  • claims Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in new book – https://t.co/CsuimVAkFv
  • – Rocket lands inside the premises of Indian embassy in Kabul, all employees safe – https://t.co/4efiNzcaBR
  • – Man denies Buckingham Palace sword terror charge – https://t.co/uAkfmJUd93
  • – Naxal gunned down, weapons recovered – https://t.co/J2qCHRk8HK
  • – 3 years after the Verviers CT-raid, mayor says everything is calm – https://t.co/r2oTvGU1sS
  • – 12 injured, not terror related.
  • – Two militants apprehended in western Anbar – https://t.co/nmW7eQcFgV

  • to get an extra base in Berlin & capacity will be added – https://t.co/OacFSxf1oe

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