Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 19

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  • militant, farmer killed after gun attack – https://t.co/ynaCEVOWNn
  • – Farrah officials say intent on seizing provincial capital – https://t.co/M7LZ0RwXZF
  • – 8 police personnel injured in grenade attack – https://t.co/9XRUBy2uAV
  • – Soldier injured in West Bank car ramming attempt near popular baptism site – https://t.co/gsmTmZmHrf
  • – Very likely terror threat level will go from 3 to 2 on Monday – https://t.co/labN9cQ6zo
  • – Three Al-Shabaab terrorists died in the Lower Jubba region – https://t.co/xvKBtPLFui
  • Interesting read: What happens when does underground? – https://t.co/730NFM93Df
  • – Parsons Green attack: Teen denies terror charge – https://t.co/95qQlNOmro
  • – 2 prison guards attacked by radicalized prisoner – https://t.co/BZQEiW0KoA
  • releases age-processed pictures of four 1986 Pan Am hijacking suspects – https://t.co/GQghutQRu2

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