Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 20

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  • – Local police commander and 17 civilians shot dead in Sholgara district of Balkh: district governor. (1TV)
  • – Tunisian forces kill top aide of leader in Maghreb – https://t.co/A2z8CwtfX0
  • – 2 cousins of Rachid charged – https://t.co/qSNoUUyTdL
  • – A 33-year-old man has been charged with terrorism offenses – https://t.co/nOo97OH1nJ

  • – NDS claims preventing terrorist attack in Kunduz – https://t.co/GEew3KmrNo
  • – Policeman injured in IED blast by Naxals – https://t.co/5tLKZ96Xge

  • – Intercontinental Hotel under attack. At least 4 gunmen. Avoid large area.
    ** Attackers have taken a number of people hostage.
    ** The same hotel was under attack on June 28, 2011. It claimed 21 lives. Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack.
    ** Just 2 days ago, the US Department of State issued this warning about potential attacks on hotels in Kabul.
    ** An eyewitness, who managed to flee Intercontinental Hotel, said at least 15 people are either killed or wounded in the first and second floors of the hotel. (TOLO)
    **  Confirmed: kitchen and 4th floor on fire.
    ** 1 attacker down.
    ** Local media start reporting 35 casualties. Anonymous security source, no official confirmation, no distinction killed/wounded.
    ** Helicopters are now circling the hotel.
    ** First victims have been shifted to hospital. No numbers.
    ** Several killed, at least 6 injured
    ** Clearance operation ongoing @ . Additional special forces & foreign troops on scene. Preliminary toll: 5 killed, 6 injured, 100+ released. Possibly 1 attacker left on 8th floor.
    ** Siege has now reportedly been ended. – 5 killed – 6 injured – 126 rescued – 3 attackers dead
    **  claimed the attack, with their spox Zabihullah Mujahid saying the attack was originally planned for last Thursday.
    ** Updated toll: 6 killed

  • – Bomb blast kills 1 and injures 4 – https://t.co/ctqGB5GSMK
  • – Ukrainian embassy attacked with molotov cocktails – https://t.co/nOqvT8iAzu
  • – Saudi Air Defense intercepts ballistic missile fired by Houthis – https://t.co/h8Vgomy3y2
  • says Turkey has ‘de-facto begun ground operation’ on Syria’s Kurdish enclave of Afrin – https://t.co/5F0PZpSyUJ
  • – Secret service chief wants more power – https://t.co/OvBZpjPXR8
  • attacks a military base: 1 soldier killed and 2 injured – https://t.co/A6DUaHRI0e
  • – Two Indonesian fishermen kidnapped by released – https://t.co/FxyVxaeNXB

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