Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 21

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  • – Colombia’s Santos orders new ceasefire talks with guerrillas – https://t.co/FZUs8Gn7J9
  • – 2 rebels killed, soldier wounded in Compostela Valley clash – https://t.co/sncb6zVZ8z
  • – Bahrain arrests 47, charges 290 in mass terror crackdown – https://t.co/HjblWZTjOZ
  • – Fourteen foreigners and four Afghans now known to have died in yesterday’s Kabul hotel attack, Afghan officials say – https://t.co/rON5uJjct7
    ** 1 of the deceased victims of the Intercontinal Hotel attack is a Ukrainian citizen – https://t.co/Ac1ROT6ToP
    ** Multiple Ukrainians, all pilots and cabin crew working for Kam Air, were killed in attack on Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel. FM Pavlo Klimkin confirms 6 Ukrainians lost their lives. Kam Air confirms 8. Media reports suggest 9. (Hromadske)
    ** 1 Kazakh citizen killed in attack – https://t.co/Js8S8fiZcT

  • – 2nd terrorist killed in CT-operation – https://t.co/Sqd3OWFoYd
  • – Bomb blast. At least 4 injured.
  • – German woman with Moroccan roots sentenced to death on charges of being an member – https://t.co/XIHAkaIB1W
  • – Roadside mine blast: 8 killed – https://t.co/JleJ2Kidfx

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