Terrorism Telegram Newsline – January 23

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  • – Blast near Save the Children aid group office: 11 injured – https://t.co/dbtoaFwjAx
    **  Updated toll: 12 injured. – First floor has been cleared. – Operation now ongoing on second floor. (Pajhwok)
  • – Double car bombing: at least 10 killed and 30 injured. – https://t.co/4eCvXJXYyt
    ** Death toll rises to 22 (AFP)
  • – US strikes kill up to 150 fighters in Syria – https://t.co/MRpvuzRjJW
  • – 3 French women are waiting for their trial. They had been charged with joining . They risk getting death penalty. – https://t.co/ICXphLw69a

  • Man enters railway station wielding a knife and gets shot by police. No more details at this point. – https://t.co/JLpxt0uGMV
    ** – Main entrance of railway station closed. – No disruption of train traffic. – Tram lines 2 and 4 interrupted.
    ** Suspect is in a life threatening condition: Prosecutor’s office.
    ** According to witnesses, the suspect was wearing a white turban. Police allegedly fired twice.
    ** No confirmation yet whether the suspect was targeting the police officers or civilians. Active crime scene, but no danger to train passengers and other civilians.
    ** Belgian railway officials do not yet know if the main entrance will be open again tomorrow morning.
    ** Suspect = – 28-year-old Afghan male – legal refugee status – known severe mental health issues – no known radicalization – no longer in life threatening condition No indications of terrorist motive.

  • – Terrorists taking cut of millions in drug money – https://t.co/40RVHzTDKR

  • top commander, 2 companions killed in Diyala airstrike – https://t.co/hLt1QZTHFt
  • – Explosives used in Kabul attack came from Pakistan: Afghan spy agency – https://t.co/BTlG1lG7sY
  • – Tommy Robinson sent messages to terror suspect days before attack, court hears – https://t.co/Jg7XeFUjBf
  •  – US puts British citizen Siddhartha Dhar & Belgian citizen Abdelatif Gaini on global terrorist list. (Reuters)
  • – On Tuesday 30 January, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor at the National Security Unit, Hans Ihrman, will indict a suspect concerning terrorist crimes committed in central Stockholm on 7 April 2017. – https://t.co/u3v9r25XYO
  • – North Belfast ‘bomb’ in 2015: Man arrested in probe into “under car booby trap” – https://t.co/dTSixV9zGd
  • – Kurdish general Wasta Rasul warns Europe: “ defeated? Do you really believe that? IS is more dangerous than ever.” – https://t.co/b8MFDsOf6e
  • Al-Qaeda calls for attacks on Jews and Americans ‘everywhere’ over Jerusalem – https://t.co/lWFYHfLnYT
  • – Multiple American victims among those killed in the attack. – https://t.co/BXfmTT5ovW
  • – Attempted stabbing at Tapuach Junction, 2 terrorists neutralized. No injuries to Israelis. – https://t.co/DLLMRBw170
  • – 1st trial in relation to starts. 350 victims, 80 lawyers, 60 accredited journalists,… – https://t.co/9o1dZMJROM
  • – Two suicide attackers, member killed as troops repel attack in Baghdad – https://t.co/m2aAcK9Gzc

  • – South Sudanese rebels demand compensation to release Kenyan pilots – https://t.co/K0nYT8vQCn
  • – According to French Prosecutor , the terrorist threat will remain high for several years – https://t.co/w9OmJoT8il
  • – Local politician ambushed and killed. Not yet clear if personal conflict or insurgency. – https://t.co/q0AK6Uw23z
  • – Iraq launches operation hunting for in Nineveh islands – https://t.co/bol7LYn6p4
  • – Looted cash, gold helps recruit in Philippines – https://t.co/ldjcoWSVH2

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